We have been providing Internet Services for a very long time, and understand what it takes to provide a customer a quality product. You can reach us by Skype, Live Help or even the phone 24x7x365. Cruise our site and let us know if you have any questions.

StrongVPN.com / Reliablehosting.com has been providing Internet Services since 1995.

Strongvpn.com / Reliablehosting.com started as a small company in South Lake Tahoe in 1994 selling PC computers. We begin offering Internet Services for the local area we were in via our website California.net and soon after that we offered Dedicated Servers and colocation services. We moved from various colocation facilities in Northern California until we settled at 200 Paul ExchangeColo now run by Digital Realty Trust. This facility offered us a ideal location for peering and growth ability.

Since then we have been able to steadily grow our customer base by understanding one fundamental rule in regards to business. You can’t grow a any business on product and price advantage alone, a strong customer service culture is also critical.

Here are some quick facts about us:

Developer / Engineer quality tech support 24x7x365, everyone that answers your support request is highly trained and skilled;

Strongvpn.com / Reliablehosting.com Core Team has been together close to 17 years and makes up 40% of our company;

We can work with you personally on your business needs unlike large budget hosts;

We have no hidden fees, unlike low cost hosting companies our monthly price is our monthly price;

We don’t segregate our customers based on pricing, everyone will receive quality support from us;

We manage over 1100 Servers in San Francisco and 270 around the world and work efficiently and quickly through any situations;

We are a 36 Person Company, working in multiple locations around the world. Our team comprises of Linux, Mac and Windows Experts;

Our specialty is high quality fiber network bandwidth. We also emphasize quality communications with our customers, and knowing what they want before they ask.

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  1. Yasir
    08.05.2012, 4:00 am

    Just to assist those like yrouself who have a US based Xbox Live account and therefore have access to the Netflix application on Xbox 360. You mention not knowing an easy way of getting Netflix to work on your Xbox without hacking your router. While this is an option (StrongVPN have a list of Linksys routers that they support), the cheaper option is to use ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). I’m a Linux & Mac user and have StrongVPN configured on both my Linux laptop and Mac Pro. If you enable ICS on either of these machines and connect to the StrongVPN you are able to connect your Xbox to the machines that have ICS enabled then you can use your Netflix application as per usual.An example as follows:Linux Machine Enable ICS on the Lan Port.Connect your Xbox to your Linux machine via an Ethernet Port.Connect your Linux machine to your wireless adsl router or whatever provides your internet connection.Once connection has been established to the internet enable your Strong VPN on your linux machine.Open the Netflix application on your Xbox and choose your video.Once video starts playing disable StrongVPN on the Linux machine to get better bandwidth and better video quality from Netflix.Like you mentioned above you can turn off the StrongVPN connection once the video starts playing and the download speed will increase. So if you start the movie and the video quality is not great, turn off the VPN & just hang in there for a couple minutes, Netflix will recognize that your bandwidth quality has improved and adjust the video quality accordingly.On a bit of a different subject regarding Itunes US Account, (sorry im too lazy to go to the post), but recently Apple have implemented strict checks on physical address so much so that using an abbreviation on your fake US apple account such as St. instead of Street or Ave. instead of Avenue etc. can result in Apple rejecting your address. The only way past this is to make sure that the address is in fact legit it can no longer be fake and to omit using abbreviations.I hope this helps those looking to use Netflix and full Apple Store in SA.Cheers.

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