Access VPN


Why to use AccessVPN?

Protect your Identity and Privacy
Ensure that all data transmitted to / from your computer and the Internet is encrypted at all times.

Bypass all ISP or Organization Internet Restriction
Many ISPs, Government agencies or organization has blocks sites / online services such Facebook, Skype, Youtube, Taobao, Hulu, BBC, P2P, VOIP and etc. Use VPN to bypass them all.

Be seen as a user from USA, Netherlands or Singapore
With AccessVPN, once you have logged onto our VPN server, your real IP will be masked and you will appear to be connecting from the country our VPN server is located.

100% Internet Freedom
Bypass all restrictions. Enjoy your favorite services from anywhere!

Enjoy all Facebook & Twitter features behind the Great Wall
AccessVPN allows you to stay connected with your friends and family back home via many social networking sites that is ban is several country.

Affordable Top Grade VPN Service
Our no-frills; top grade VPN service is cater for users who wants quality service at the most affordable price.

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