Anapnea offers a secure Virtual Private Network

Anapnea’s VPN puts you on a client-to-client secure private network with other Anapnea members. Direct connections, as well as encrypted total data transfer is both quick and reliable on Anapnea’s VPN

Anapnea will protect its members privacy AS WELL AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE as long
as they abide by the rules. We aim to provide the best service there is, but
we can’t do that without your help. Thus we kindly ask you to abide by the
following rules on the Anapnea network:

* No BNC or eggdrop allowed.
* No torrenting allowed.
* One account per person.
* No setting up your own server/daemon/bot/proxy of any kind is allowed.
* No exploiting any network resources for illegal purposes is allowed.
* No running any pointlessly CPU-intensive binaries such as bruteforcers.
* No usage of your Anapnea account to harrass a third party is allowed.
* You are encouraged to not overuse network resources.

The Administrator reserves the right to terminate your membership at any time.
We try to keep the rules as open and as comfortable as possible, so please
respect the free service we’re giving and make your presence at Anapnea a

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