Why VPN?

Bee it security, privacy, anonymity or unblocking – there are several reasons to use BeeVPN. We’ve compiled a list of the six main reasons for doing so.


All of your net traffic is encrypted with military-grade heavy encryption. It is not possible for any third party to eavesdrop on your communications. In short, no hacker, authority, employer or school network administrator can monitor or log your activity or the contents of your communication.


Nothing is ever 100% secure, but BeeVPN adds immensely to you security when surfing and communicating. All your traffic pass through our Cisco based platform with all the enhanced security embedded in Cisco equipment. Our firewalls prevents attacks and eavesdropping on your connection.

Access to banned and blocked sites

Maybe your employer or school don’t want you to use Facebook, Skype or other applications and sites. Maybe you are resident in a country who limits the use of the Internet. By using BeeVPN you can get access to everything, no matter what the network admin does to limit your surfing.

Be safe using public Wifi connections

Using public and open Wifi connections is convenient when you need to get online while on the road. Unfortunately there are numerous risks associated by this form of communication. Using BeeVPN your communication is encrypted from your laptop to our secure gateway and safe from interception.


What you do over the net is your business. Nobody should monitor, log or track what you do and where you do it. Using BeeVPN, nobody can see your real IP address. The only thing they see is an IP address belonging to BeeVPN. We do not log your traffic, but we strongly advise you to stay within the laws of your country of residence.

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