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Change-Mon-IP.com is a part of the company, Esecurity SA. Our company is specialized in the protection of IT networks and offers personalized solutions in terms of IT security to companies and private individuals.
Following the increasing demand of our customers, we have developed an accessible service for all, allowing to get connected on Internet with a high level of security in an anonymous way with our IT servers situated abroad, in jurisdictions respecting the rights of Internet users.>

Change-mon-ip.com holds several years of experience with best specialists over the world and implements all efforts in the area of VPN solutions (Virtual Private Network).
With the wealth of our experience and knowledge in terms of data networks security, we have developed the ideal solution looked for, by all Internet users.
We offer our customers the possibility to secure their Internet connection, while protecting their personal freedom, by encrypting all the data transmitted via a VPN tunnel. A VPN tunnel is the link between your computer and our server (your new IP address), which encodes all the data transmitted, assuring you gain a secure and anonymous connection.

With our quick service, few minutes are sufficient for us to give you a new IP address on the Internet and encrypt all data transmitted between your computer and our servers, which will attend to surf on the Internet for you. Then your surf would be completely anonymous and in a secure way! This is also a good way to preserve individual freedom of all users, preventing your Internet service provider (ISP) from analyzing the history of your connections, for trade or non bearable purposes for everyone’s rights.

The VPN system is authorized because connecting oneself to a foreign server is completely legal, you make it every day by surfing on the Internet (many websites are hosted abroad).
The IP addresses which we supply, arise from servers hosted abroad and we respect all the current rules of the countries with which we work.

We offer various types of VPN connections (PPTP, OpenVPN and STTP) in several countries, to serve our customers at best. Please consult our “Services” page to check our offers.

Awaiting to include you soon among our customers.

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