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Characteristics of our service

In addition to the main benefits of connecting via a VPN, here are some of important details in which ConnectionVPN stands out.

  • Connect via any of our IP locations

We have multiple VPN gateways located strategically around the world (currently in european countries). When connecting, you can choose which country you want to appear to be in (for best speed, we recommend using one that is geographically near you).

This is a fast-growing service, and we are constantly adding more infrastructure, to insure its speed and reliability, but also adding new gateways.

You’ll also be able to use all of our future locations, so if there are particular ones you think would be useful, we appreciate your input.

  • Fast & unlimited bandwidth and traffic

We do not limit your connection in any way, except in extreme cases of obvious abuse or absolutely extraordinary usage.

  • State-of-the-art software

We use the open-source SSL-based OpenVPN : all data is redirected through a virtual network adapter that compresses, encrypts, and encapsulates it into UDP packets that are sent to the remote host, which then authenticates, de-encapsulates, decrypts and decompresses them.

OpenVPN is superior to the more common PPTP, in which security flaws have been discovered, and provides security and functionality equivalent to IPsec, while doing away with its complexity, which is often security’s worst enemy.

PPTP is also very easy to block, and countries that practice censorship are increasingly doing so.

  • Strong encryption

Security is no joke and has to be correctly implemented and thoroughly tested, OpenVPN thus takes a modular approach : it entrusts encryption and authentication to the state-of-the-art OpenSSL library.

SSL is the most widely deployed security protocol in the world. Its most common use is in HTTPS, to enable secure e-commerce and e-banking. It has thus undergone extensive scrutiny and testing for vulnerabilities.

In addition to a password of your choice, we also provide you with a personal 2048 bit private key for authentication.

  • No logs of your activity or personal data

Our servers are configured to not store any trace of your real IP address, or any of your online activity.

We do not have any personal information about you, other than what you provide when signing up for the service (email address and PayPal account).

We never collect any financial information like credit card numbers.

See our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for details.

  • Easy and quick set-up

You should be up and running within a couple minutes.
Although VPNs are complex applications, we’ve tried to provide a very simple setup process.

And because some places only allow certain types of traffic, we can provide you with a custom port (80, 443, 53, etc) to bypass that, just contact-us if you encounter difficulties or have any feedback.

  • Protection from spoofing

With domain name poisoning and IP spoofing, you can for example seem to be connected to your bank’s website, but actually be directed to a fraudulent site, without noticing any difference. It is also used for censorship in some countries.

We provide you with secured and reliable DNS servers.

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