CryptCloud VPN


Why do you need us?

Military-grade 2048-bit Encryption: Protect yourself from surveillance, eavesdroppers, websites monitoring your activities and hackers. Safeguard your data and privacy online!

Bypass government / university / ISP Internet firewalls or proxies and access any website on the Internet (including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Tumblr, DropBox and FourSquare)

Are you an expat? Cryptocloud gives you back full access to VoIP services (including Skype) in Dubai, China, Oman, Egypt and many other countries!

Need a global reach? Our servers span multiple countries and jurisdictions, including the US, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia, Germany and Luxembourg. Change your location and IP address quickly and easily!

Watch US-only American TV (Hulu, ABC, Comedy Central) and listen to US-only online radio (Last.fm, Pandora, Spotify) even if you don’t live in the US!

Watch UK TV (BBC) even if you don’t live in the UK!

Watch French, German and Swiss TV even if you don’t live in those countries!

On the go? Each subscriber receives two accounts – use CryptoCloud from two different computers at the same time!

Crossplatform: Compatible with Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Linux and Mac OS X

Mobile: Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android in both 3G and WiFi modes!

Anonymous P2P: We are the ONLY VPN provider that supports P2P protocols (eMule, KAD, torrents) and port forwarding! Enjoy uncapped speeds, unlimited transfers, and no connection logs kept whatsoever!

♠ We accept Google Checkout, Amazon SimplePay, LibertyReserve, AlertPay as well as all major credit cards (US and International). If you would like to pay by BitCoin, Western Union, mail-in cash, bank transfer or money order, please send an email to support@cryptocloud.com. We’ll make sure your account gets activated immediately while we receive your payment!

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