Dark VPN


As an anonymous vpn customer
– Unlimited bandwidth
– All your activities on the internet will be fully anonymous
– You will recive an anonymous ip-address
– Your connection will be encrypted in our darknet
– We keep no trafficlogs
– Unblock Facebook
– Surf censored web pages

Darknet Surf anonymous

Surf anonymously and protect your identity online. With an encrypted vpn tunnel you will be able to surf anonymous and safe, it is possible because all traffic between your computer and our servers are encrypted. No one, not even your ISP is able to tap this traffic.

With anonymous surfing from our servers you recive full acces to the internet just as usual, the only difference is that you use our anonymous IP number along with all our customers, wich means that all your electronic footprints will end up at our servers.

If you are located in a country where the government block or censor webpage content, Darknet VPN will allow you to get full acces to censored content.

It is important for us to protect our customers internet privacy, we achieve this by not store any traffic logs. Therefore it is not possible for us to provide third party with information about any internet activities from our anonymous vpn network.

We keep no traffic logs of our darknet users. Sign up today, and you will surf anonymous within a minute.

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