Drakker VPN


Why to use Drakker ?

Because for any reason of your own, you want to ensure your privacy over the web.

One of these reasons may be :

  • You deal with sensible data, such as financial or personal ones
  • You reside in a country that enforces Internet censorship
  • You do not want to be tracked by commercial loggers
  • You consider your private life as private

How Drakker do protect your identity and your data ?

Data encryption by OpenVPN (SSL 2048 bits)

During the launching of Drakker, a certificate exchange is processed between your machine and the Drakker network. The exchanged certificates are unique and private for each of our users. At the very exit of your PC, your data are encrypted and indecipherable. The content of your communications is therefore invisible, for any third party as well as for the Drakker network itself.

IP address Translation

After having your communications made indecipherable, Drakker processes to the translation of your IP address, in order to make impossible the localization of your computer. To reach this goal, Drakker provides you with random adresses from the Drakker servers through the world. You are never visible : the Drakker network is the only visible.


The Drakker network does not collect nor detain any personal data regarding its users. Inside the Drakker network, each user is only known by its login/password and the numerical signature of his certificates. The password is encrypted and unknown by Drakker. The private certificates are unique and only usable by their owner. If any third party would try to use a stealed certificate without having the account identifiers, then the certificate is immediately revoked and unusable. In such a case, only the owner of the account can regenerate its certificates by using the “Recovery” option.


The Drakker client can be downloaded wherever you are. Your account’s identifiers are usable everywhere. May you use your personal computer or a friend’s one, may you be in a hotspot or at the office, no software is installed on the computer, no trace is taken. If you copy the Drakker client on a USB support, you will just have to launch the Drakker client from the USB key, and you will be able to use it throughout the world with no trace left on the computers that hosted your communications : all is in the key.

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