GPass Client Software

  • Hide your IP address during online activities
  • Support streaming audio/video, email, instant messaging, download managers, etc
  • Encrypt all your network communication
  • Bypass network censorship
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface supporting multiple languages and skins
  • Freeware for users in closed societies

Online Secure Anonymous Surfing (Web Direct Proxy)

  • Hide your IP address during web surfing
  • Encrypt your web communication
  • Bypass network censorship
  • Provide encryption for web surfing when using insecure wireless network
  • No software installation. Just come to our web site, and safely surf other websites
  • Free surfing might be limited by daily traffic volume.

Enterprise Solution

  • Provide custom systems for organizations that need to deliver contents to users in closed societies where the Internet is adversely censored. Our server and client software will bypass various organizational or national network censorship and provide secure anonymous Internet surfing.

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