What is HideMyNet?

The HideMyNet service creates a Virtual Private Network connection or Secure Tunnel over the internet to our VPN server locations. Each VPN connection is anonymous on the internet and helps to keep your activities private and secure. The VPN service functions in a similar fashion to dial-up internet but instead of a phone line; using your existing internet connection to establish the connection.

When using the vpn service it will appear as if you’re elsewhere in the world; USA, UK, and Germany to name a few. Due to this our service can be used to by-pass country website restrictions on websites such as Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, Zattoo, 4od, ITV, and many more.

Why have a VPN account?

  • Security for wireless Users
  • Bypass restrictions on your internet!
  • Anonymize your internet
  • Surf the internet like you would at home
  • Watch online TV for country specific viewers
  • Any program or application will work with the VPN
  • American Based Company, Established 1998
  • 24×7 Quality Support
  • Multiple VPN Servers and Locations
  • No Usage Charges, or Overage Fees

Reasons to Choose HideMyNet:

– Multiple VPN protocols
– Access to our VPN Network
– Access to our HTTP Proxy network
– No Bandwidth Limitations
– 7 Day money back guarantee
– 24×7 Quality Technical Support
– High Speed Server Connectivity
– Switch VPN Locations Easily
– 1754 Unique IP Addresses
– Servers located in 10 countries
– Secure Encrypted Connections
– No contracts – Cancel any time

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