What is High Speed VPN?

High Speed VPN is a Premium VPN Services that offers privacy, security and Full Internet Access from anywhere in the world. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which essentially is a secured encrypted tunnel over the Internet between two devices.

When connected to our service you will have your entire Internet traffic encrypted and sent via this secure tunnel to one of our servers and from there decrypted and redirected to the original intended destination.

The High Speed VPN Server acts like a middle man between yourself and the Internet, mediating and encrypting all the traffic from your local computer to the outside world.

Using this technique you can bypass all Internet filters installed by your ISP and access blocked websites or use applications like Skype, MSN or Yahoo Messenger if they are blocked.

You can also unblock the Internet restrictions in your workplace. With the new SSTP VPN you can get past corporate firewalls and surf the web as you choose.
Note: you will need Windows 7 or Windows Vista to use SSTP.

With our service you can now bypass all Internet filters imposed by your ISP, school or workplace and get FULL INTERNET ACCESS.

You will be able to access all websites and use applications that were previously blocked in your network like MSN, Yahoo Messenger or VoIP software. Access Facebook and Twitter, watch YouTube videos, play online poker, or surf adult websites, it`s all so easy now with High Speed VPN!

You will also unblock Skype if you are in a country that blocks VoIP traffic (like Qatar, Oman, UAE and recently China) and make cheap overseas calls.

Even more you can bypass IP geo-restrictions and surf the web as if you were in USA or UK. You will access services that restrict their content only to US IP Addresses like HULU or Netflix, or only to UK IP Addresses like BBC iPlayer.

With High Speed VPN you will:

Unblock All Websites in your country or your company
Bypass IP geo-restrictions and surf the web as if you were in USA or UK
Unblock Skype in Middle East and in China
Bypass all Internet restrictions in China, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait etc.


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  1. Uldrich
    10.05.2012, 4:32 am

    Overall Rating Comp speed US/UK servers Customer surppot Set up was automatic with no complications. Clicked connect and I was off to VPN land. Since I work in remote areas of the world this VPN is perfect for avoiding local servers and connecting to US sites. It has my five stars so far.

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