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1. What is VPN and how does it work?

VPNA virtual private network (VPN) is a virtual tunnel between your PC and our server. While you are connected, all your incoming and outgoing data will automatically travel through this encrypted virtual tunnel.

2. Why do you need a VPN?

VPNAccessability. Bypass geographical blocks from websites (e.g. YouTube or other streaming sites).
Privacy. We don’t monitor or record your communication (no logging).
Security. All communication is encrypted – no eavesdropping (e.g. at college, work, or public hotspot). more

3. Why choose HomeVPN.com?

VPN7 day money back guarantee. Low latency, high bandwidth, no speed limits. One-time payments – no automatic renewal. Immediate setup. Strong encryption. OpenVPN support. Invite your friends to join your virtual network (personal dedicated IP) and play network games or work together. more

4. How do I get started? please check out our Setup Screenshots

VPN1. Purchase one of our first-class VPN services using Paypal (immediate activation).
2. Choose a desired exit-country (e.g. USA, UK, etc.) for your data.
3. Install a free VPN client (e.g. OpenVPN) and download your configuration file from our site.

5. Our customers’ favorite services
VPN Silver

20 GB/month, only 3.45 EURdetails
secure, super fast and reliable
be american everywhere
access blocked content
VPN Gold

50 GB/month, only 5.45 EURdetails
extra traffic for multimedia
extra port forwards
VPN Diamond

75 GB/month, only 9.45 EURdetails
your own dedicated IP
invite 10 friends to join your dedicated virtual server


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