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AnchorFree provides millions of users with online security, privacy and freedom.

AnchorFree’s Hotspot Shield application addresses a market of over 1.6 billion Internet users, in need of secure browsing, privacy, and freedom online. Hotspot Shield secures all Internet communications and web browsing and protects each user’s privacy and identity online. Hotspot Shield secures all browsing making each page you visit as secure as your banking site (turning all HTTP traffic into HTTP(S)). Protecting users across many devices and all browsers, Hotspot Shield is the preferred and most trusted way to browse the web for millions of consumers. Channeling all web activities through a personal Virtual Private Network, Hotspot Shield creates a personal secure tunnel for each user and enables user online activities, sites visited, searches and personally identifiable information to always stay private. In regions that censor the web, Hotspot Shield acts as a secure gateway to the world’s information, disrupting censorship, and democratizing the web. Expats, travelers, and locals in countries with censorship, use Hotspot Shield to gain completely free and uncensored access to the world’s information. Hotspot Shield is rated as the world’s most popular solution for staying secure in public Wi-Fi hotspots. Hotspot Shield works on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. On mobile devices Hotspot Shield enables data compression, increasing the amount of data a user has under their mobile data plan and thus saving users money on mobile data. Hotspot Shield also protects users from over 3 million malware threats, phishing sites, and spam. Hotspot Shield is 100% FREE, without any limitations, when you use our advertising supported service, or you can upgrade to our paid Elite product, which has extra security and speed functionality and does not have ads.

Our mission is to drive universal online security, privacy and free access to content for every user globally… anytime, anywhere.

AnchorFree is a venture funded private company located in Silicon Valley. Our engineers develop the most innovative technologies to enable users to stay secure & private online. Our sales team provides cutting edge solutions to advertisers and agencies. Our team, our advisors, and our investors bring together thought leadership that impacts millions of users all over the world.
We believe that everybody deserves to be secure, free & private online. Just like having a door and a lock at home, you should have protection when surfing the web, buying things online, communicating with friends or searching. At home or away, everybody’s online activities are their business and should be controlled by them, by users of the web, not by third parties.

AnchorFree is dedicated to driving new technologies that will put users in control of their online identity.

Our advertisers work with us to reach smart, tech-savvy consumers through innovative solutions that give advertisers reach to an audience of decision makers with disposable incomes who choose to protect themselves online. Our advertising solutions enable solid engagement and reach on some of the most premium domains online, while keeping users in control of their online privacy. The day when most users in the world will use Hotspot Shield; things like identity theft, credit card theft, snooping ISP’s, and online censorship will be eliminated forever. The AnchorFree Team is committed to making this happen.

HotSpotShield, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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  1. Lilibeth
    08.05.2012, 5:18 am

    yeah thanks i might try this, so many weesbtis reject you now days if you dont live in the usa its ridiculous! Even some youtube videos say you cant watch them. I used to watch videos on cbs’s and comedy centrals webpages but now i cant because im not an american. I wish for the old days of the internet where it didnt matter where you were from every internet citizen was treated equally. I might try this vpn on the hulu website.

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