iUnmetered VPN


Why our VPN ?

Because we offer OpenVPN
Because we offer PPTP
Because we offer L2PT
Because we offer SQUID proxy
Because we offer USA VPN
Because we offer EU VPN
Because we encrypt your data over internet
Because we do not close any ports
Because we offer unmetered internet access to you.
Because we do not store your logs
Because we do not restrict data usage
Because we offer 99.9% uptime SLA
Because we never ask you for your ID proof for anonymit
Because we never ask you to do long term contract.
Because we will never share your details with anyone.

Why VPN?

Bypass the ISP network, log, monitoring via SSL connection. Unblocks all online services, websites and content. You can access your favourite services from anywhere! Unblock VPN gives you 100% freedom internet!.
Protect yourself against WiFi hotspots and open unsecure network connections as sniffer can get access to your password and confidential details. Once you are connected to the VPN you can bypass all the ISP limitations. Our VPN solution provide high level of encryption which makes it almost next to impossibile for ISP or sniffer to decode the packets. we run our VPN services on 443 port so not ISP can stop you from accessing our network. All our servers are connected to 100/1000mbs network so you get high quality and fast internet connection.

Do you know your ISP is monitoring all your Internet activities and saving it’s log files. Which means every site you visit, every web page you open is getting logged in somewhere. If you are downloading any music or any movies or any software is getting logged.
We can protect and maintain your privay by our VPN.

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  1. Felipe
    08.05.2012, 2:25 pm

    I agree – love your software and have been using for years now. Some thgins which would help- Interconnectivity of solutions. I.e. one user account can have access to multiple solutions.- Provisioning of services through Signup scripts – SC script is nice, however Paypal is not accessible to all countries, here a running user Account/balance would be more useful (which can in turn be manually debited through a thirdparty solution). Same for SS etc.- Having a better idea when updated versions will be released, I.e. I have lost a couple of SS users due to 2004 not having image embedding capabilities, and not being able to tell my customers when this will be available… I know what your view is on this, but certainly feel you have some responsibility here to us as your customers.[From Mitch: Hi Francois. Thanks for your feedback. SendStudio NX has already been “soft released” and includes embedded images. We will be making the big announcement on our site in a few days. You can download NX from the client area]

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