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Why iVPN.net

Here’s 8 great reasons.

  1. You need a real company you can trust.

    Why trust just any website with your valuable private data? We are an offshore registered private company in Malta with a global team of security experts. View our about us page to learn more.

  2. You want fast, seriously fast servers.

    You’ll notice immediately that we don’t oversell our servers, your connection will have sufficient bandwidth for all your needs. Read more about why we are the fastest VPN.

  3. You need security designed by security professionals.

    No compromises, your network was built from the ground up by experienced security professionals. We don’t touch insecure protocols like PPTP. View our security page to learn more.

  4. You want fast, personal support from local staff.

    Forget waiting around, we offer a comprehensive knowledgebase, live support and a 24 hour helpdesk which answers tickets in under 4 hours.

  5. You need flexibility and choice.

    We offer multiple methods to connect to our network depending on your requirements for speed, security, compatibility and easy of installation. There are no restrictions on how many servers you can connect to or how many times you can switch between them.

  6. You don’t want download limits.

    We don’t have any bandwidth restrictions, you are free to use your connection to its full potential and not worry about any additional charges or restrictions.

  7. You need a VPN service with no logging.

    We maintain a non-persistent log of connection data which is securely erased after 5 minutes to help us troubleshoot connection issues. No other data is ever logged and if/when it becomes required by law we will move jurisdictions to protect our loyal customers who entrust their privacy to us.

  8. You want real anonymity.

    Most VPN services offer anonymity and then ask you to give them all your personal details. We require only a working email address to sign up and offer several anonymous payments methods.

iVPN, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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