Anonymous Proxy Servers

While surfing the web all users leave their traces. By combining these traces the user gets a face. Many commercial organizations, security services and hackers take advantage of such a profiling. JonDonym can hide your IP address and thereby allows anonymous surfing. JonDonym makes invisible

Why using JonDonym?

  • Secure Surfing

    At public data networks and wireless local area networks (Wi-Fi hotspots, cyber cafés, hotels, airports etc.) hackers can easily spy out and manipulate personal data and keywords. JonDonym protects

  • Informational self-determination

    As a result of government requirements more and more personal data is legally saved. JonDonym gives back privacy

  • Free access to information

    In many countries, e.g. China, access to information is limited by censorship. JonDonym overcomes limits

  • Freedom of expression

    Due to fear of repression people mind publishing their opinion, for example in blogs. JonDonym gives them back their voice

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