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Kryptnet is a provider of encrypted internet access services. Krypnet works over your existing internet connection to protect all of your internet activities – including web surfing, sending and receiving email, instant messaging, internet telephony, googling, facebook, twitter – from unwanted monitoring and snooping by third parties. When you use kryptnet, you connect to the internet over a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, which uses encryption to protect you from snooping, spying and tracking.


When you access the internet over a public WiFi network – for example, at a coffee shop, hotel, friend’s house, airport or even on board an airplane where WiFi is provided – your surfing, email and other activity is insecure and open to snooping by the supplier of the service – the coffee shop owner, hotel technical guy – or anyone with the right equipment. You can liken it to a radio broadcast – anyone with access to the WiFi equipment or with a suitable receiver (which can be as simple as a laptop with the right software) can “listen” to what you’re doing, by doing something called “sniffing” for network packets. The sites you visit, the content of your emails and instant messages and even in some circumstances the content of VoIP calls become visible to network “sniffers”.Using Kryptnet, everything you send and receive over a WiFi connection is encrypted. Anyone “listening in” will only “hear” a garbled mess, meaning your security is assured.


Governments around the world are putting increasing, un-mandated pressure on ISPs to track and record every form of internet activity – including web sites visited and emails sent and received – using a technology called Deep Packet Inspection or DPI. Unprincipled ISPs in partnership with unscrupulous big business can also use DPI to track your surfing habits and target you with annoying advertisements. Some governments are going so far as to develop “black boxes” that intercept all internet traffic for the purpose of spying on their own citizens.

Kryptnet defeats these measures by encrypting all internet traffic that travels over your internet service provider’s network. Using Kryptnet, all traffic is encrypted between your computer and our servers – making it indecipherable to those who would spy on it.

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