Q: Is any client software required to run your VPN?
A: We support 3 VPN modes: PPTP VPN, L2TP VPN, SSL VPN (OpenVPN).
A: Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X supports PPTP VPN directly. No additional client software is required. Please click here for step-by-step guides.
A: For Linux/FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD, click here to connect as PPTP VPN.
A: On 3G/4G/CDMA/Wireless/LAN or other restricted Internet, you may also connect with SSL VPN mode. Please click here to connect with VPNm2 software package.

Q: Can I use your VPN instead of my current ISP connection?
A: No, you need regular internet connection to be able to use VPN service.

Q: What ports should be open on firewall/router for it to work?
A: No ports should be open.
A: For PPTP VPN, your firewall/router/ISP must allow VPN/PPTP passthrough. Typical working: embeded Microsoft firewall in Windows, Linksys/D-Link/TP-Link/ASUA Router manufactured after year 2007, ADSL broadband. Typical not-working: not-Microsoft firewall, Netgear/Trend Router, all router-integrated ADSL modem, upgraded NOD32 anti-virus software. Error 619 or error 721 means some of your software or device do not support it.
A: No above restrictions for SSL VPN mode. You may connect with VPNm2 client software to bypass above problem.

Q: Is your VPN encrypted?
A: We offer both encrypted and not-encrypted VPN. Default mode is 128bits encrypted. However you may request not-encrypted for higher performance or to use on old windows versions.

Q: What is the difference between Dedicated IP/Static IP/Dynamic IP?
A: Dedicated IP(Dedicated VPN) is static and exclusive used by you. Static IP(Shared VPN, Static VPN, Shared IP) means your ip will not change whenever you connect to vpn. Dynamic IP(Dynamic VPN, Random IP) means that you will get a random ip from fixed 8/16/32 IPs each time when you connect to vpn. All these ips are anonymous.

Q: How much dedicated IPs may I order?
A: Number of your dedicated IPs should not exceed Max IPs of your vpn accounts. If exceeded, you have to order “Change IP” service instead of “Add IP”.

Q: How about delivery time and usuage time?
A: Delivery time and usage time are all caculated from the time of your payments are accepted. For example, if you order on 2012.01.05, you could connect your account from 2012.01.05 to 10AM GMT+8, 2012.02.04 .

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