Mullvad VPN



A wave of internet censorship and surveillance is currently sweeping the world. Governments everywhere are giving themselves the legal rights and technical means to intercept their subjects’ internet connections.

This enables them to read private communication such as email and instant messages, map who is talking to who, monitor web site visits and block controversial web sites. All in clear violation of human rights, basic democratic principles such as freedom of information and freedom of speech, and often in violation of their own constitutions.

Mullvad solves these problems.


Mullvad simply bypasses everything between your computer and the real, unrestricted internet using an encrypted VPN tunnel. Anyone trying to monitor your internet connection will only see a strongly encrypted stream of data to one of the Mullvad servers. Anyone trying to trace the source of a communication will not see the true origin but only a Mullvad server.

The technology used is OpenVPN using 2048-bit RSA and 128-bit Blowfish encryption.

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