Patriot Internet


Anonymous Internet Access: Patriot Internet Anonymous Internet Access is the perfect solution for people who would like to conceal their ip address and their location. Using our service you can connect from anywhere in the world and surf anonymously as if you were here at our Nashua, New Hampshire server farm. Additionally, all traffic passing between our servers and your computer is encrypted to shield you from hackers and your own internet service provider! We have listed the most popular uses for our service.

How it Works: Your computer connects to our server using VPN (Virtual Private Network). You are assigned a local ip address by our server. You open your web browser and surf the internet. Any site you visit, any person you chat with, any email you send will look like it came from our data center in Nashua, New Hampshire. All data that passes between our server and your computer is encrypted (128 bit). Turn it on/off with click of mouse. Turn it on/off as necessary. No software to install. Setup takes approximately five minutes.

Free 24 hr. Trial Account: Try our service for 24 hours. You will be able to surf the web anonymously for 24 hours. Discover why so many people are using Patriot Internet! Please click here to sign up.

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