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PingFu – HTTP Tunnel Solutions

Bypass proxy servers and create a http tunnel through restrictive firewalls – play games, check email, hide IPs for anonymous surfing of the Internet, chat and use Instant Messengers, communicate using VoIP programs , and control your PC Remotely with PingFu – the next generation in HTTP Tunneling technology.

PingFu is easy to use – one-click, and you’re ready to go! It configures itself automatically to run smoothly on your computer and network. Advanced tunneling algorithms ensure the lowest latency possible – smoother voice chat, faster surfing, glitch free video, and amazingly low pings in online games. No more lag spikes in-game, breaking up of voice, or pesky disconnections. It also hides IPs, allowing for anonymous surfing and encrypts your tunneled data ensuring a high level of security

PingFu technology helps you bypass proxy servers and firewalls to run applications that use either TCP or UDP as their communication protocol – World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI, Everquest II, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, IE, FireFox, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, ICQ, Trillian, Skype…and more! It also allows works as a MySpace proxy or an Orkut proxy, allowing you to access these sites with ease

Choose from our suite of PingFu products listed below that cover every conceivable application you might want to use –

PingFu Iris – HTTP Tunnel service for applications using TCP
PingFu UDP – HTTP Tunnel service for applications using UDP
AutoTunnel GG – Tunnels TCP, UDP, GameGuard games – and more!

Why you would want to use a PingFu product

  • To bypass firewalls that restrict you
  • To bypass proxy servers that prevent you from accessing sites
  • For anonymous surfing of the Internet (Hide IP while browsing)
  • To circumvent traffic shaping that affects your online gaming experience
  • To prevent snooping on your Internet activities
  • Additional security for financial transactions

PingFu’s unique offering

  • Automatic configuration
  • High speed and amazingly low pings for an enhanced internet experience
  • 32 bit (high) security encryption of all your HTTP tunneled data
  • HTTP tunneling of any type of application to include those that use TCP & UDP
  • HTTP tunneling for GameGuard games
  • Highly responsive proven post sales support

PingFu gives you the power and flexibility that no proxy server can!

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