Why is privacy so important?
There are many reasons why privacy is a very important right that anyone should be entitled to.
First and foremost: free speech. If there is no privacy, there is no free speech because of the so called Chilling Effect
But also very practical issues like ISPs banning or throttling certain protocols are a concern.

What information do you save about me?
We only save what you give us: username, password and email. Nothing else!

What operating systems do you support?
We support all major operating systems like Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Apple (OS X, IPhone) and Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Slackware, etc). And it’s easy to setup too! Just follow our guides. 🙂

How can I make this work through my Firewall / Router?
Privacy.io’s VPN service uses PPTP (Point to Point Tunelling Protocol) which utilises ports 1723 (TCP) and 47 (GRE).
The following website has good examples on configuring for a lot of firewalls/routers out there: portforward.com
We suggest you have a look through the portforward.com website and if you still have issues connecting, lodge a support ticket and we will try to help you out.

Where do I appear from when I am connected?
At present you will appear with an IP Address from either Sweden or Netherlands, this is currently done randomly. Once Privacy.io is at a position to expand and grow its services, we will have more countries to offer and allow you to assign which country you appear from.

Do you allow P2P applications like bittorrent?
We don’t block any protocols, so you are able to use any type of application you like. Including usenet, bittorrent, games, work applications, etc. And because everything is encrypted, your ISP will not be able to throttle your traffic based on which application you use.

How many users can I connect up with on my account?
You are only allowed 1 (one) physical connection per account. However, you can share that one connection with as many devices as you want as long as they connect through one device to our service. This can be achieved through “connection sharing” for example.

How much does this service cost?
Ideally we’d like to provide it for free but running it costs money so we have to charge a little fee to keep our operation running smoothly. At present, all payments are done with PayPal.

Here is a breakdown of prices in different currencies:

1 Month €5 $8 $7 £4.50
3 Months €15 $24 $21 £13.50
6 Months (1 Month free) €25 $40 $35 £22.50
12 Months (2 Months free) €50 $80 $70 £45

Is your service legal?
Yes! In no way is this service legally questionable.

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  1. Shankar
    10.05.2012, 3:18 am

    Hi there! Is this still working for you? I just tried your scprit in Ubuntu 7.10 and I get a connection refused’ error. I can successfully VPN using a Windows XP box, so it’s not my line or anything. Any thoughts? I’m pretty new to Linux, so any advice gratefully received.BestAndy

    VA:F [1.9.21_1169]
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