Privacy Protector


Be part of total anonymous, privacy protector network

  • We don’t use central servers that could be hacked, closed or infiltrated
  • Behind the network your Internet activity will be invisible for the ISPs.
  • This technology doesn’t use exit nodes so nobody will hear you
  • We never store or require your login or password
  • Our client for this network – RiccoVPN is FREE

Experience a new approach to privacy protection

Privacy Protector is a one of a kind VPN (Virtual Private Network) provider, which, unlike the other VPN services available on the market, does not implement the usage of a remote server. This significantly increases the user’s protection against data loss, identity theft or interception of information.

Using this type of solution allows for a number of unique features such as, temporary changes in the IP (e.g. for watching videos on the web), handling blocked access to certain sites (such as censorship in China), and the selection of an IP address in the country that has the services of which you would like to use, etc.

RiccoVPN is a software created to give Internauts a way to protect their privacy while using Internet. You may as why? Check out our online privacy scanner: www.privacyprotector.eu – what You see in scan results is information about You being shared with basically anyone who wants to read it. You are being monitored and profilled by various websites for marketing purposes, but also recent developlemts in so called „copyright material protection” leads to total Internet surveillance: Internauts are presumed guilty of piracy just because logged online.

Internet user has no ability to protect himself from being pried on when online: You have no control over network connections outside of Your computer. You can always enable „private mode” in Your browser, but this only prevent browser from storing information for selected browsing sessions – it does nothing to Your data logging at Your ISP or any other service collecting data: all Your browsing history, downloaded data are available there. This means ISP can be forced to reveal Your history to any institution with enough influence.

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