Private Wifi


Every time you
use a public WiFi hotspot, you’re
naked to the world. PRIVATE WiFi makes you invisible.

How it Works.

Watch this short video to learn how easily hackers steal your information out of thin air.

Public WiFi is just that. Public.

Most people don’t realize that wifi
signals are just radio waves. Anyone within range can “listen in” to what
you’re sending as easily as tuning to
the right station. All it takes is a laptop and simple, readily available software and a hacker can easily view:

  • • Your bank account
  • • Your credit card numbers
  • • Your private e-mails and IMs
  • • Your Facebook content

They can all be stolen out of the thin air
at any public WiFi hotspot. And firewalls or anti-virus software can’t stop it.

Privacy settings for your life.

PRIVATE WiFi is software that encrypts all the data going into and out of your computer, making you invisible to hackers on any public network, anywhere in the world.
Best of all, it works around you. The software is designed to be always on, automatically connecting to one of our secure servers every time you use to the internet.

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