Welcome to PrivateVPN

Our services work effectively to anonymize your activities over the Internet.

The advantages of PrivateVPN

  • Very easy to install
  • Ability to select whether the client should start and connect at start-up
  • Watch Hulu and USA TV
  • Bypass ISP restrictions
  • Unblock all VOIP Applications include Skype
  • Create and submit error report
  • Be notified when the connection is lost
  • Dynamic Public IP (applies only to swedish server)
  • No closed ports (this means that the router / firewall that is not locally on your computer will not be protected. Consider what you’re sharing)
  • Activate/deactivate programs when the connection to PrivateVPN starts/ends
  • Reconnection feature in case of connection errors

Why choose VPN?

On suspicion of copyright infringement a copyright holder can – under paragraph 53 c of the Copyright Act – require in court that an ISP or other provider of internet services supplies available information about IP addresses and any Internet accounts that a certain IP address belongs to.

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