Loki Network Project is free VPN service and SSL based free VPN server. It is an opportunity to protect your private data (IP address, e-mail/FTP/HTTP passwords, web-sites visited, uploaded/downloaded files and etc…) and bypass certain Internet access limitations you may have at your location.

An example, free Public Loki VPN Service allows you:

  • Protect your data from being intercepted by various network sniffers in your LAN segment
  • Safely bypass traffic interception and analyses on corporate, ISP or even country level firewall
  • Bypass any limitations in visiting web-sites or any other Internet services (if access to Loki VPN Servers is not blocked directly).

Project Loki can help you to hide and secure your traffic from inspection and to hide your IP address from sites you visit using our free Public VPN Service based on set of Loki VPN Servers located in different countries.

  • You can hide and secure all your Internet activities. e.g. browsing, FTP, web email, chat and do not change your local network activity.
  • You can secure and hide only one network service, e.g. secure ftp or web browsing and to left another network services without any changes. By this way you can hide also opportunity to hide and secure any activity because your system administrator or Internet Service Provider will see a lot of open traffic and a little bit connection to our server through https protocol.
  • You can hide and secure only one application, e. g. secure ICQ Messanger and to left all another network traffic without any changes. If ICQ service is restricted in your office network, you will be able to use ICQ through our free VPN service.
  • You can browser Internet from IP address of our server and could use local network services available only for computer located in special country. For example, you can see USA online TV channels using connection to our public server located in USA.
  • You can see a lot of Web pages and to use Internet services that is restricted by your governement.

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