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Welcome to PRQ!

We are a specialized hosting and internet service provider, located in Sweden, a free-speech haven. We serve a growing community of international clients with special needs.

What we do

PRQ is globally known for:

Refugee hosting
Our boundless commitment to free speech has been tested and proven over and over again. If it is legal in Sweden, we will host it, and will keep it up regardless of any pressure to take it down.
We have ZERO tolerance against SPAM and related services!
We defend your integrity to the end. With our discreet customer relations policy we don’t even have to know who you are, and if we do, we will keep that knowledge strictly confidential.
Technical proficiency
The PRQ team has a solid background in computer networking, security, hardware, and software. Most of us have been online for over 10 years. We can assist you with almost anything – keeping your servers secure, mitigating DDoS attacks, or keeping your high-traffic websites up and running smoothly. To make this possible, we run our own fully multi-homed backbone network (AS33837), with the capacity needed both to handle large DDoS attacks and to provide excellent connectivity to customers with bandwidth utilization ranging from a few Mbps to several hundred.

Tunnel service (OpenVPN)

A tunnel allows you to get real static IP addresses with your own reverse DNS, and to bypass filters and surveillance at your ISP. You also get anonymity, as any tracings will only lead to us. Tunnels can for example be used to run your own e-mail server even if port 25 (SMTP) is blocked, run other servers, or use IRC.

The tunnels work with most broadband ISPs and operating systems. However, we recommend that you run Linux or BSD to get the best functionality. We do not filter any traffic or ports.

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