Safe iNet


Buying VPN you’ll get:
  • Security. All data flow will be encrypted making decription virtualy impossible, it allows you to use the internet safely in places like internet-caffes, hotels, airports, wifi spots. Also it gives additional security from hacking your pc.

  • Network anonimity. Your real IP address will be represented by IP of vpn server relatively to accessed resources making your surfing anonymous. All traffic will flow through this vpn server.

  • No any logging. We do not log your connections, do not requiring your personal data. All you have to do is register with login and e-mail address for password recovery.

  • Full internet access. If your internet access is limited by name, port or protocol restrictions you still have abilities to access OpenVPN servers by TCP ports numbered 80, 110, 443.

  • Access to 25 servers by OpenVPN, DoubleVPN, TripleVPN, PPTP VPN connetions. We do not limiting your choice of VPN server, connection type, do not limiting speed or traffic. It’s enough to just buy vpn for any period of time and start to use it.

You still unpleased with our proposal buy vpn. There is more:
  • Free security gain software. Each subscriber gets free software which makes imposible data leaks in case of vpn connection loss, so your real IP will never be exposed to visiting resources. This software is not necessary to use, you’re still able to use our service without it.

  • No packet’s TTL (Time-to-Live) decrement. For any router in internet vpn server will be the source and destination for IP packets. Because of no TTL decrement it’s not possible to trace your pc behind vpn server.

  • Connections are establishing by IP adresses, not by domain names. So in provider’s log there wil be record only about connection to an IP and no any other record. Provider will not know that you use our service.

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