Secure NNTP


Surf anonymously, without revealing your identity to anyone.

Your true IP address will be shielded, and all web traffic will appear as though it is coming from our server. Furthermore, all traffic will be sent through only one port, allowing complete privacy, as anyone monitoring your connection will not be able to identify your activities.

Ordinarily, each service, such as mail, news, and web surfing will be sent through individual and standard ports making each service easily identifiable. Anyone interested in your information need only monitor your activity on certain ports to gather only the information of interest to them. With all activity being sent through only one port, there will be much more information to sift through, and since all activity is encrypted; it would make it impossible to gather information in this manner.

Is your access to the internet restricted?

Because your computer will only connect to our servers and use a single port, your true surfing habits cannot be obtained or restricted by conventional methods. Your surfing records will only reveal connections to our servers, not the true sites or services you visited through our protected servers.

Surf Securely without fear of sensitive information being stolen.

All traffic between your computer and our servers is encased in an impenetrable encrypted shell so your banking information, credit card information and other financial or personally identifiable data cannot be stolen.

Protected Usenet access

Securenntp.com has teamed up with Alibis.com and Budgetnews.com to bring you the ultimate secure Usenet experience. We’ve combined the unbeatable retention, speed and completion of Alibis.com’s Usenet servers with the impenetrable security of Securenntp.coms SSH tunnel. You can now browse Usenet newsgroups with total confidence. Your IP address cannot be tracked, and your downloads cannot be monitored. Our servers are strategically collocated with direct internal connections to Alibis.com’s servers to ensure that no unsecured data ever leaves the network and your browsing and posting habits cannot be exposed.

Proven Security without the hype.

We do not bundle firewall software into our service and claim we are providing the benefits that are actually being provided by third party software. We are in the business of protection, not deception. If you need firewall, file encryption, cookie control or other privacy protection software, visit our software recommendation page. There we will explain the features and benefits of many different software packages, how they could benefit you, and where to get them.


When you connect to a web site or other on line server, your request is routed through many servers and routers before your final destination is reached. Each of these servers has the ability to gather information about you and your request. Your personal information and browsing habits may be at risk of exposure. Your e-mail could be read, and the web sites you visit logged. Encrypting your data in a secure shell will prevent would-be snoopers from spying on you.

Securenntp works by locking your network traffic down on one port. Ordinarily, your network traffic is directed through many different ports, each with its own unique purpose. Therefore, by monitoring your ports alone, your activity can be determined by someone watching the network. With securenntp, all your data is forwarded through an internal proxy to only one port. It is then impossible to use your port usage to determine your internet activity.

Our Support Policy At securenntp.com we strive to provide the best possible support to our customers. If at any time you have a question about the services we provide, or are experiencing any difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support team.



  1. Marezah
    08.05.2012, 2:36 am

    Overall Rating Comp speed US/UK servers Customer supoprt It was great to finally get a provider that was fast and effective, i use VPN to watch online shows, such as Hulu. i have to say i am happy with their service, i didn’t get much buffering when i use VPN to watch the show. i don’t know why some people get slow experience, maybe they are on a busy server, just try another one

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  2. Kohshi
    10.05.2012, 4:00 am

    Overall Rating Comp speed US/UK servers Customer srupopt Delighted with service. Have tried at least 6 other UK VPN servers and was totally fed up with buffering. Was trying to stream BBC iplayer but just unwatchable, especially in eveings and weekends, with every other provider I’d tried.

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