We mainly use OpenVPN technology on our servers

On all our OpenVPN servers we operate with no traffic restrictions. All are configured to use 1,024 bit public key encryption for the key exchange and use AES-256 bit as symmetric algorithm for the protection of the data, currently, as far as we know, the safest configuration offered on the Internet. OpenVPN is the open source successor of the outdated and in some respects insecure PPTP VPN which was originally introduced by Microsoft. The advantage of OpenVPN is that once you have established a connection to our OpenVPN server, all your Internet traffic is automatically routed through it. Regardless whether you browse, send or receive emails, chat or use any other application or protocol, it is automatically encrypted and routed through the server; the IP of the OpenVPN server is equally automatically assigned to your machine. It is not necessary to configure or set up any application specifically for it.

Why subscribe from Solvpn?

– American based company.
– Reliable network ensures that your Solvpn service will be fast wherever you are in the world
– Prompt and quality support
– High speed vpn connections (especially for Premium service.
– No bandwidth limitation; unlimited bandwidth use
– Complete anonymity

What you need to start using Solvpn?

We have different VPN connections, services for you to choose from and you can pay securely online using any major Credit Card or via a PayPal account if you already have a one. If you will be paying with PayPal, you need to be a Verified PayPal User. Please also note that ALL orders are Manually Reviewed and Processed after a fraud screening.

To use our services, you will need an Internet connection (via cable modem, DSL modem, dial up, corporate network) and Windows XP, Vista, MAC, or Linux operating system running on your PC. You will need to FIRST connect to the Internet and then make the VPN connection.

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