Why Do I Need SurfSolo?
When you connect normally to the Internet, your transactions are relayed through several servers before reaching their final destination. These servers have the ability to collect information as your requests are routed through them. The most common example of a server that can collect information about your Internet activity is your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Since your requests are not encrypted, any server between you and your final destination can “see” what you are doing.


Who is your ISP ?

No one knows more about your surfing and downloading habits that your ISP. Your Internet Service Providers can see every site you visit, every page you view, and every file you download. What´s worse, they know exactly who you are and often keep logs for substantial periods of time.

How does SurfSolo Work?

You can use your SurfSolo account to encrypt the Internet activity between your computer and our servers. This prevents any server between you and us, such as your ISP, from monitoring your activities. Our Privacy-Tunneling accounts allow you to encrypt your incoming and outgoing email, surfing and news posts through a method known as port forwarding. This service can be used independently of or transparently in conjunction with SQUID-Proxies.

Features of SurfSolo:

SurfSolo allows anonymous surfing by obscuring the location of your computer as well as your Internet IP address
SurfSolo, is a secure Tunneling SSH2 Service: This powerful encryption technology runs silently and effortlessly in the background whenever you´re online, encrypting all transmissions to and from your computer
Powerful AES-256 encryption makes all your internet traffic your private issue
Secure & Private Email Account: Lets you send and receive messages safely, privately and anonymously. By using the secure e-mail address your will receive, your IP-address WILL NOT BE VISIBLE, you will just appear as ‘localhost’ plus the privacy server’s IP
Secure & Private Newsgroup Access:
Allows safe and private newsgroup posting and reading
Secure & Private Instant Messaging & Chat:
Automatically protect your chat activity and existing IM accounts
P2P capable!
Nobody will have a clue who and where you are
No activity logs kept
Ultra high bandwidth proxies provide incredibly fast anonymous surfing

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    I’ve spent a considerable amuont of time in Beijing and I’ve always been able to get around the Great Firewall by using Ultra VNC to dial into my home computer in New York City. It allows file transfers and you essentially have your home desktop’s connection in front of you in China with unfettered access to the internet. Just a thought in case things get completely unworkable over there.Good luck and keep the stories coming! Likewise, your stories keep some of us working slobs’ lives bearable.

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