Why would i use a VPN?
Internet used to be a place without any fence or border, but it seems all that went back to a concept rather than a reality and many ISP worldwide block traffic. If you want/need to bypass those limits, VPN if definitively made for you. A VPN will allow you to :

– Hide your real IP
– Secure you internet connection
– Get an IP address in another country
– Prevent spying in your office/work/school
– Bypass proxies and filters
– Access blocked sites (like in Iran, China, UAE etc.)
– Bypass ISP speed limits on P2P networks
– Play online games, use Spype, MSN and ICQ
– Prevent online attacks

Where are the servers hosted?
Right now the majority of TonVPN’s servers are hosted in France, Germany & USA. Upon new requests and partnerships we will provide servers worldwide. (Netherland, Switzerland, Bulgaria…)
All servers are connected through at least a 100Mbit link, some are Gigabit.

How to get support?
Considering the small size of the society, we can’t provide 24/7 support. Therefore we will only reply to requests regarding issues about connecting to TonVPN tunnels on up-to-date OS (As of today Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7, Linux Debian/Ubuntu, Linux Fedora 10/11/12). Unofficial/pirated systems won’t be supported.

What information do you store?
We do not store any log file as we are not required to do so.
What systems are supporting TonVPN services?
At this time, you can run TonVPN services on following OS :

– Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (including the 64 bits versions)
– Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora…and any distribution supporting PPTP VPN & OpenVPN clients)
– Mac OSX
– Android mobile devices (Tonvpn Medium & MAX)
– iPhone, iPAD (Tonvpn Medium & MAX)
– Windows Mobile phones (Tonvpn Medium & MAX)

Why do you need my email?
In order to provide you with the information to connect to our services, we need your email. (Make sure to add noreply@tonvpn.com to the list of trusted senders).
We don’t use your email to send advertising.

Why do you give a list of servers?
Depending on the place you live in & your ISP, you will have better performances with one server or another. This list allows you to pick the one giving you the best results.
You may change server as often as you wish or stay connected 24/7.

How to login to TonVPN website?
Just enter your login and password then press Enter to get in.

For Chrome users, you need to use IE Tab to get access :
About TonVPN Basic
Based on socks5, TonVPN Basic will work only with applications compatible with this protocol (most ftp clients, irc or im but also some web browsers). Only the data transfered through these programs for which socks5 has been configured will have TonVPN as source IP. The other traffic from the system (email for example) will still be routed through your normal IP.

TonVPN socks5 requires a login and password, monthly traffic is unmetered, maximal connection speed is unlimited


About TonVPN Medium
Based on VPN Pptp system, all the outgoing trafic from your system will use the IP of the TonVPN’s servers. Really easy to setup it just provides a weak encrypting process.

TonVPN VPN Ppfp requires a login and password, monthly traffic is unmetered, maximal connection speed is unlimited

About TonVPN Max
Based on OpenVPN system, all the outgoing trafic from your system will use the IP of the TonVPN’s servers. Installation is made in a few minutes, you need to install the OpenVPN client for your appropriate OS.

TonVPN OpenVPN requires certificates, monthly traffic is unmetered, maximal connection speed is unlimited.

OpenVPN connections are done through port 443 (barely ever closed port) using UDP.
Can I connect with the same account on several computers?
You can use your account on all your computers, but you can’t connect simultaneously with the same account.

VPN Lifeguard
If you get disconnected from the VPN, this utility will autoreconnect, making sure that the Internet traffic of some choosen applications is blocked. Those apps are closed as soon as a disconnection has been detected & reopened when the connection is back.
This util only works with TonVPN Medium (PPTP) on Windows. It’s opensource and distributed under the GNU/GPL license.

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