Q) What is TunnelBear?
A) TunnelBear is the world’s easiest to use consumer VPN software that securely “tunnels” your internet connection to locations around the world. It allows you to experience the internet as people in that country experience it.

Q) How does TunnelBear work?
A) TunnelBear creates a secure, encrypted connection between your computer and a server in the host country you want to connect to. This both protects your privacy allows you to simulate the internet experience from that country.

Q) How can I pay for a Giant TunnelBear?
A) TunnelBear only accepts credit card payments from Visa, Mastercard and occasional jars of honey.

Q) How do I downgrade my paid TunnelBear account?
A) Not that you would ever want to do this, but you can downgrade from Giant TunnelBear (paid) to Little TunnelBear (free) absolutely anytime by opening the application, logging in and clicking on the gear icon (account settings).

Q) What if I don’t get the email confirmation?
A) Confirmation emails generally arrive instantaneously. If the confirmation email doesn’t arrive within 30 minutes, check your junk-mail and then email support@tunnelbear.com. Support Bear will get you fixed up.

Q) During installation, the page and fonts don’t seem to fit on the screen.
A) This is related to Windows-based computers which are using “Medium” or “Larger” font sizes. We are going to fix this issue directly, but in the short term users can get around this during installation by 1) clicking on the “Windows” button, typing in “display” and hitting the “Enter” key. This should present you with the option of choosing “Smaller(default)”, “Medium” or “Larger”. Choose “Smaller”. Apply the changes and restart the TunnelBear installation.

Q) I didn’t enter my twitter id during installation, but now I want to do that totally amazing TunnelBear 1GB free data promo.
A) Just click on the gray Twitter icon from within the application. The application will guide you through the process of re-entering your twitter id. You can visit the twitter promo page for more info.

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