A VPN or Virtual Private Network is defined as:

“A Safe Communication Method Between Two Points Through A Public Network”

Security of your communication is ensured via encryption. Encryption algorithms are applied to the communication, making sure that nobody on the public network (Internet) can access the contents of your communication between two points. In effect it creates a private ‘tunnel’ between two points.

What Is a VPN ?

VPNs have many advantages and uses including:

  • Secure and low cost inter-office connection
  • Secure remote access to systems
  • Private networking on the Internet

VPNs provide a solution to the growing concern the general public has about security, privacy and anonymity on the Internet.

TUVPN puts at your disposal one or more of our global network of servers to allow you to connect to the internet through our VPN client. ALL traffic between your computer and our VPN server that you are connecting to is encrypted and NOBODY can see or identify the content of that traffic.

Your anonymity is provided via the concealment of your IP (Internet Protocol address), which is that unique signature/number that identifies you and your location.

How does a VPN service work ?

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  1. Silvan
    10.05.2012, 1:34 am

    much all routers have NVRAM stogare for storing configuration data, and the certificates could be stored here (I think this is how Tomato does it??). But the firmware may still have to be modified to give more stogare area to NVRAM for storing the certs (which may mean changing the firmware layout), plus extracting them to disk at run time, plus building in openssl or equivalent to build the certs in the first place. As a developer I can tell you that putting those changes in place, stress testing the changes to make sure they don’t break anything, putting it through QA and then re-doing that process for every single router is not going to be a trivial task. Not to mention that getting new firmware pushed out to the vendor site so that maybe 1% of the vendor’s customers can download it is not going to be seen as cost effective by management.Again, I agree that this is something that should have been done in the first place, but I’m not holding my breath for updates from vendors any time soon.

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