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What is a VPN? Anonymity, Security & Privacy!

Vpn Tunnelling

VPN is about creating a virtual private network or tunnel over the public network “internet”. Each VPN tunnel is totally anonymous on the public internet and it helps to keep your activities of internet users anonymous, private and secure. A VPN connection is an attractive option for people concerned about their security and privacy. It is not a web proxy, it is much more advanced and secure. Think of it as a very strong vpn connection.

The service secures your online activity, especially if you are using public unsecured WiFi networks which are commonly found in hotels, airports coffe shops etc. Did you ever wonder “how can I hide my ass on the web? Using our VPN services, you can now surf the web anonymously & prevent your ISP from keeping logs on your online activities! If sites are blocked you can access Blocked websites … Unblock blocked websites by bypassing proxies & it works with Skype and other VoIP applications too!

Anyone who uses the interment should be concerned about their privacy. Did you know the European Union requires that ISP (Internet Service Provider) keep logs of their subscribers? Other countries and regions do it too! Our service is not limited to a specific region but targets the global internet community by preserving privacy via VPN Anonymity and we eliminate all log files unlike most Internet Service Provider that have been shown to store them for months!

VPN Services Compatibility

vpn compatibleUnlike using a proxy site that is very limited constantly being blocked, our VPN services are compatible with pretty much any internet application such as FTP, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Skype, Google Talk, Net2Phone, MSN, ICQ, and many more! It is also compatible with DD-WRT VPN routers sold online.

All our solution will work with windows 2000 and higher versions, Android, iPhones & Mac OS. Although rare, some users have corrupt system files that will not allow for the connection to be established. Should you not be satisfied we would gladly process a refund on your behalf.

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