Why Have a VPN Connection?

Virtual Private Network or VPN connections such as those offered by Whatsonthebox.net are used by ex-patriates from all over the world (but mostly European countries including Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Cyprus) to watch programs broadcast via internet TV channels online. It’s a way to combat homesickness or alienation in a foreign country which has been found to be very effective.


A virtual private network connection via Whatsonthebox.net requires:

  • NO set-up fees
  • NO extra software
  • NO expensive equipment
  • NO long-term commitment
  • Only a personal computer and an internet connection.
  • Favorite TV channels (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, FIVE, NBC, FOX etc…), TV programs, movies, sports matches, TV drama series (Lost, Desperate Housewives, Heroes etc…) and more shown on TV networks broadcast from five countries (UK, US, Canada, Germany and Netherlands) are all accessible just minutes after a Whatsonthebox account is opened.

Taking up to four hours to be authenticated (but usually within 30 mins), TV internet connections via VPN with Whatsonthebox have NO long-term obligation of any sort and can be cancelled at any time! You have complete control over your subscription.

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