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Why Choose YourPrivateVPN?

Total Privacy

Our most important aim is to ensure your maximum privacy and security. This includes

– Complete anonymity and privacy: No logs are kept
– No registration hassles. All we need, is a valid email address
– You can trust us! Two Years of reliable service. Don’t buy a VPN account from a company that has headquarters in countries with internet restrictions. You might be too visible for the authorities

Easy to Connect

With YourPrivateVPN you don’t need to be a computer expert to use VPN. With just a few clicks you are connected to our secure VPN servers and ready to surf the Internet securely. You can choose to use our plug and play software “Easy Connect” or you can establish a manual connection without installation of any software.

High Speed

Our servers have a lightning speed connection – 1,000 mbps. In contrast to other VPN providers or proxy servers, where you might suffer a substantial slowing down of the connection, we reserve sufficient bandwidth for our customers. So if you order e.g. a Gold account with 6000 kbps you can download a 700MB CD in about 20 minutes.

Unlimited Volume

No bandwidth limitation. Download as much as you wish! You receive the same quality-service whether you use 100MB or 100GB of bandwidth. Our only request is that you not abuse our service by using enormous quantities of bandwidth.

Personalized Customer Support

As a young, growing company we offer technical support to our customers within hours by email. We’ll take care that you get a reliable connection.

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