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VPN Swiss

http://vpnswiss.com VPNSwiss PRO CH & USA Our Service: High quality customer support in German, Englisch, French and Spanish Dual Licence, use VPNSwiss on your PC and Laptop at the same time with only 1 subscription VPNSwiss PPTP CH & USA for your iPhone or iPad – included free of charge for optimal mobile protection Easy and reliable to use Fully automatic installation without any c... Read More »


http://www.hidemynet.com/ What is HideMyNet? The HideMyNet service creates a Virtual Private Network connection or Secure Tunnel over the internet to our VPN server locations. Each VPN connection is anonymous on the internet and helps to keep your activities private and secure. The VPN service functions in a similar fashion to dial-up internet but instead of a phone line; using your existing inter... Read More »


http://www.denvpn.com/ What we do? Our service unblocks any restrictions on your internet connection and gives you access to the internet securely and anonymously through our virtual private network (VPN)! Unblock Websites in China, Iran, Saudi Arabia & UAE Unblock ALL ISP restrictions in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, China etc If you live in, or plan to visit a country such as United Arab Emira... Read More »

VPN Tunnel

https://www.vpntunnel.se/en/ Benefits – No logs – Anonymous dynamic IP – Unlimited bandwidth – Encrypted connection – Stronger encryption than PPTP – Fast and efficient support – No closed ports How VPN works Strong encryption When you connect to our VPN server, you do so entirely encrypted. We use OpenVPN with 2048-bit Blowfish encryption. Would someone t... Read More »


https://www.airvpn.org/ Why pick AirVPN? AirVPN is the only VPN service in the world which offers OpenVPN on ports 80 TCP / UDP, 443 TCP / UDP and 53 TCP / UDP. This means that even the most brutal techniques of monitoring, censorship, throttling and traffic shaping will fail against AirVPN, because your ISP and your government will see only TCP or UDP traffic (as you prefer) on a unique port. Air... Read More »

AreThusa VPN

http://www.arethusa.su/ Arethusa VPN Our VPN service make your internet connection more anonymous and secure. Your real IP address is hidden and your ISP cannot monitor or filter your activity. It works by establishing an encrypted tunnel between your computer and our servers, using a VPN. All your internet activity will appear coming from our IP addresses, not from your real IP. A VPN service is ... Read More »

Secure NNTP

http://www.securenntp.com/ Surf anonymously, without revealing your identity to anyone. Your true IP address will be shielded, and all web traffic will appear as though it is coming from our server. Furthermore, all traffic will be sent through only one port, allowing complete privacy, as anyone monitoring your connection will not be able to identify your activities. Ordinarily, each service, such... Read More »

Mullvad VPN

http://www.mullvad.net Why A wave of internet censorship and surveillance is currently sweeping the world. Governments everywhere are giving themselves the legal rights and technical means to intercept their subjects’ internet connections. This enables them to read private communication such as email and instant messages, map who is talking to who, monitor web site visits and block controver... Read More »

VPN Reactor

https://www.vpnreactor.com VPNREACTOR: EASY , FAST ONLINE PRIVACY VPNreactor is committed to restoring individuals rights to online privacy & security. Worldwide censorship is rampant and out of control. VPNreactor provides a fast, highly secure VPN service. No Complicated software to Install and works on all platforms. Surf the internet secure, protected & anonymous. WHICH VPNREACTOR ACCO... Read More »

Your Private VPN

http://www.yourprivatevpn.com/   Why Choose YourPrivateVPN? Total Privacy Our most important aim is to ensure your maximum privacy and security. This includes – Complete anonymity and privacy: No logs are kept – No registration hassles. All we need, is a valid email address – You can trust us! Two Years of reliable service. Don’t buy a VPN account from a company that h... Read More »

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