Proxy anonymizer (VPN provider)

The access to your favorite sites and social network services is denied? You are forbidden  to use ICQ or SKYPE messengers and free e-mail services?

Don’t panic! We can give you the opportunity to bypass office restrictions on access to myspace.com, twitter.com, facebook.com, gmail.com, youtoube.com and many other popular internet resources. We will help you to outwit curious system administrators and let you know how to bypass all the system “traps” and save in a secret your network information.

The proxy service gives the unique opportunity for those who craves to visit his favorite sites sitting at his workplace during working time.

Anonymizer is a software package with an open VPN technology with proxy server functionality which helps to bypass different system restrictions and secures your network.

Advanced proxy service:

Visiting your favorite internet resources in spite of the restrictions imposed by the system administrator is not the only way of using the anonymiser. You can also easily use P2P clients and nothing bad will happen because nobody will know about it;

With VPN provider you can easily send confidential information through simple messengers like ICQ or SKYPE. Anonymizer suppressed interception of your messages by strangers;

With the help of the special plugin the proxy anonymizer provides secure using of Wi-Fi services. All the transferred information will be encrypted;

The open VPN technology with its anonymizer function makes all your computer traffic inaccessible to strangers;

With VPN provider you at least can visit foreign sites despite geo restrictions and filters for your IP-address provider;

The IP-telephony users can call everywhere without any fear. Nobody can detect the place you are calling from and what are you talking about;

The VPN provider contains many unique interesting internet resources which are not available for free access.


Operation of the proxy anonymizer is especially urgent when connecting any wireless networks or using IP-telephony – which is quite common in everyday business life.

The anonymizer makes company’s traffic inaccessible to strangers and no one can detect the sites you browse and the information volume you transfer.



  1. Julian
    27.01.2012, 10:58 am

    Thanx, very interesting resource.

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    • Silmara
      08.05.2012, 1:33 pm

      Overall Rating Comp speed US/UK servers Customer supprot I was looking for a vpn providing a server giving a japanese ip for games and websites that blocks foreign ip and after a long search I have finally found overplay. So far I have had no problem with overplay.net, I just wish that the japanese was a bit faster. Maybe adding more server from there would help ?

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    • Rosemeri
      10.05.2012, 2:21 am

      Overall Rating Comp speed US/UK servers Customer suporpt I’m actually amazed; I’ve tried a few OpenVPN solutions over the past few years but i’ve finally found one that my grandmother could install. No messing with certificates, no copying configuration files or setting routes. It just works. Nice job guys.

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  2. Franco
    07.05.2012, 2:41 pm

    Overall Rating Comp speed US/UK servers Customer sporupt I’ve used plenty of VPN servers in my time, but the polish on OverplayVPN, particularly the quality of connection options (I found out about them on the Boxee forum, where they provide a plugin to login via Boxee’s UI) and the speed of the connections themselves leaves pretty much everyone I’ve tried before throughly lacking. Combine that with a response time of 3 MINUTES on a sporupt ticket regarding the boxee plugin on my AppleTV

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  3. Olaoye
    10.05.2012, 2:19 am

    Overall Rating Comp speed US/UK servers Customer spouprt Is anyone using this service from Hong Kong? I have a terrible connection to the BBC iPlayer from Hong Kong. All streams drop to 480 kbps and most still buffer. Live streams such as the world cup games are unwatchable. Now I don’t blame Overplay for this

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